Oak Advisory was established in 2007 and provides advisory and consulting services. We have a broad range of expertise and pride ourselves in delivering a personal service. We offer maximum flexibility and can easily adapt to address the specific needs of our clients.

Our flexibility enables us to provide innovative and simple solutions for any business problem, irrespective of size or nature.

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We assist our clients in arranging their tax affairs in the most tax-efficient, but ethical and legal manner. We provide expert tax advice and/or opinions on numerous tax issues.

We provide estate planning services and can develop a relevant estate plan, tailored to your specific situation and needs.

We also act as executors of deceased estates.

These expertise are offered as part of an all-encompassing solution, which includes the required structuring (both onshore and offshore) as further detailed below.

We have extensive knowledge and expertise in the formation, registration and running of South African entities. We provide a full-service offering including:

  • Companies:
    • Formation and registration of companies
    • Drafting of memorandums of incorporation (MoI’s)
    • Drafting of shareholders’ agreements
    • Maintenance of minutes of meeting
    • Maintenance of company registers (e.g. share register, register of directors)
    • Assistance with and registration of changes, including changes to:
      • MoI’s
      • Directors
      • Shareholders
      • Addresses
      • Year-ends
      • Company names
    • Completion and submission of annual returns
    • Completion and submission of beneficial owner registers
    • Liquidity and solvency tests
  • Trusts:
    • Formation of trust deeds and registration of the trust
    • Review of current trust deeds to ensure the deed is current and relevant
    • Acting as independent trustee
    • Maintenance of minutes of meeting
    • Assistance with and registration of changes, including changes to:
      • Trust deeds
      • Trustees
      • Beneficiaries
    • Completion and submission of beneficial owner registers

We offer comprehensive advice on the establishment and running of offshore structures. We have access to a variety of jurisdictions, but we focus primarily on Mauritius and the BVI.

Through our association with a well-known and respected global company, we provide access to the following services:

  • Company and trust incorporation
  • Corporate directors, corporate trustees and company secretary
  • Full administration services
  • Registered office address
  • Nominee shareholders
  • Maintenance of statutory records and discharge of other statutory obligations
  • Bookkeeping, financial accounting and tailored reporting